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Pigtail Catheters – a Solution of the Past!? An Expert Discussion
Nephrostomy Catheters: Pigtail vs. Balloon

Experience the expert discussion between Dr. Kühl and Dr. Kaftan from the Municipal Hospital Lüneburg, moderated by Prof. Dr. Rassweiler from the SLK Clinics Heilbronn.

Silicone balloon catheters are often used in hospitals in daily routine when inserting a catheter for renal calyx drainage. However, balloon catheters have not completely replaced the use of nephrostomy pigtail catheters.

So the key question is, why do these two product-types legitimately need to exist side-by-side?

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Product application | UROMED Balloon Catheter Set NEPHROquick®

In this video, we will show you step-by-step how to successfully install a percutaneous nephrostomy catheter for renal drainage.

The UROMED balloon catheter set NEPHROquick® REF 2607 is the first nephrostomy set with a 10 Charrière »integral« balloon catheter. It consists of several components:

  • UROMED puncture cannula
  • UROMED Lunderquist guidewire
  • two UROMED fascial dilators of different sizes
  • UROMED NEPHROquick® balloon catheter »integral«
  • obturator with catheter connection
  • UROMED filling medium

You can find more product information here.