The risk of a bladder or urinary tract infection is significantly lower by intermittent self-catheterization (ISK) compared to the use of a permanent catheter. Frequent insertion of a catheter into the bladder bears the risk of ambient germs entering the body and thus triggering inflammatory processes. Each infection requires prompt and thorough treatment, to prevent the infection from ascending into the kidneys. The more frequent use of antibiotics, the more likely it is that resistances will develop, which can impede future treatment.

The use of »SIMPLYCATH®« catheters helps to minimize the risk of urinary tract infections due to the integrated introducer tip. Like a kind of protective sleeve, the introducer tip is inserted into the urethra until a small plate touches the urethral opening after 1.5 centimetres. The internal catheter will only be advanced until the bladder is reached and urine flows.

The strengths of »SIMPLYCATH®« at a glance:

Prevention of injection
due to the introducer tip which reduces the infiltration of germs

Securing the mobility and independence of he patient
due to the possibility of using the catheter on the way

Easy to use
also with limited motoric abilities

Preventing injuries of the urethra
due to high gliding ability based on complete gel coating, straight catheter and atraumatic eyes