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UROMED Catheter Valve Compact

UROMED Catheter Valve Compact

Catheter Valve to control the emptying of the urinary bladder

The UROMED catheter valve compact should be used if the connection with an urine bag is not required.It does not offer a mechanism for permanent opening.

  • any contamination because of permanent insertion and removal of a catheter plug will be avoided
  • one-handed use
  • smooth pressing mechanism
  • wide lumen for fast emptying
  • automatic closing after release of the push button
  • special drop stop
  • very light (10 g)
  • contoured shape

Bladder Training with the UROMED Catheter Valve

The constant derivation of urine into a urine bag leads to a permanent emptying of the bladder. The bladder musculature languishes as the natural rhythm of emptying is interrupted. With the UROMED catheter valve the patient can counteract methodically because the urination will happen after filling of the bladder only.

1504 00051888
Packaging: sterile
Original carton: 5 pieces

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